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Singing Mums


This class will be for Mums of all ages who wish to enjoy some singing in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.

Please don't be put off by thinking that you have to be a 'singer' to join. Enjoying singing of any sort is the only pre-requisite of this group. If there are a number of experienced singers in the group, they can also be catered for!


Be brave and give it a go! 



Music Is Fun


Fun music sessions for babies and toddlers which Gill has been running for 10 years.

These popular sessions provide a great opportunity for Mums/Carers (and often many other members of the family!) to participate together in a wide variety of musical activities. We sing, dance, play action games, use props such as soft toys, scarves, puppets etc and play instruments.

A great way to encourage and develop social skills, language & vocabulary, memory and creativity.



Major Minors


Key Stage 1 (years 1 and 2) choir. A singing group for young children during which they learn how to use their voices effectively through fun exercises and a wide variety vocal activities and songs.



Pret a Chanter


This small female choir has been running since 2005 and consists of 12 singers who meet intermittently and not on a regular day of the week. We sing a range of music and perform 2-3 times a year in local venues. Entry is by audition, but places are limited. Members must be music readers and experienced.



Contact Gill for more information!






The Nailsea Singing Project